BETTER Electrosurgical Unit BT-2Q

BETTER Electrosurgical Unit BT-2Q

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Various functions with Compact and light design
Monopolar cut ( Pure cut , Blend 1 ,Blend 2 ,Blend 3 )
Monopolar Coag ( Fulguate Coag, Contact Coag, Spray Coag)
Bipolar Coag, fully meet different surgery need.

Tissue Monitoring Technology
This technology monitors the tissue density, especially for polypectomy & papillotomy, cutting is smartly divided in
cut & pause, so that coagulation occurs in each pause. The system is intelligent to change the pause interval as
tissue density changes, hence produces fine cutting with coagulation effect.

Patient Return Electrode Monitoring (PREM)
REM (Return Electrode Monitoring) function monitors the range of contact area between a patient and the neutral plate.
If the size is inappropriate, it automatically stop the high-frequency current with audible alarm to minimize the danger
of burning incidents.

Compatible with other surgical equipment
Endoscopy, HV Argon Plasma Coagulator, Optimum Smoke Evacuation System.

Waterproof Panel Operation
Microcomputer Auto Control; Three-zone (LED ) digital display.