GE 11LD Ultrasound Transducer
GE 11LD Ultrasound Transducer
GE 11LD Ultrasound Transducer

GE 11LD Ultrasound Transducer

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Bandwidth: 5 – 12 MHz (Vivid E9), 3 – 11 MHz (Logiq E9), 4 – 10 MHz (Voluson E6, E8 Expert) 
Applications: Vascular (Logiq E9, Vivid E9), Breast (Vivid E9, Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Peripheral Vascular (Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (Vivid E9, Voluson E6, E8 Expert), Thyroid (Vivid E9), Abdominal (Logiq E9), Pediatrics (Logiq E9, Voluson E6, E8 Expert) 
Footprint: 46.9 x 14.4 mm (Voluson E8 Expert), 12 x 47 mm (Vivid E9) 
Field of View: 37.4 mm 
Compatibility: Voluson E6, Voluson E8 Expert, Vivid E9, Logiq E9, Logiq E9 with XDClear 
Biopsy Guide: Multi angle, Disposable with a reusable bracket 

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