Handheld Vet/Veterinary Patient Monitor Bt-V4

Handheld Vet/Veterinary Patient Monitor Bt-V4

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BT-V4  Veterinary Pulse Oximeter is a compact,light easy for carrying and handling ldevice,measuring the animal's SpO2 and  pulse rate.Mainly used in vet clinics and hospitals,suitable for dog,cat and horse.

• Easy to adjust LCD display,brightness to optimize viewing
• Two selecting working modes:spot-check and monitor
• Visual and audible alarm signals
• Trend data storage time up to 120 hours
• Trend data can be transferred to PC for printing,analysis and viewing
• Functional of management data analysis
• Large measurement ranges of SpO2 and pulse rate technical specialized in veterinary
• Special designed LOGO for veterinary use only
• Widely used in pet hospitals and animal clinics etc

Standard Configuration
SpO2 /Pulse Rate /Hanging Strap

Optional Configuration
Protective Cover /AC Adapter /ODMS Data Analysis Software