High Quality Syringe Pump BT-321
High Quality Syringe Pump BT-321

High Quality Syringe Pump BT-321

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•   Precise Infusion
     Provide more stable & accurate infusion by pass processed from CNC equipment

•   Easy to use 
     Humanization digital buttons, simple menu function, infusion parameters is displayed with      
     large LCD screen. Every place of    
     our careful design makes the infusion more convenient.

•   Three infusion modes
     Speed mode, time mode, weight mode. More clinicaI option.

•    Built-in infusion set
     Comply with all brand syringes and automatically identify Sml. 10ml. 20ml. 30ml, SOml, and 60ml
     syringe. high precision

•    Multi-channel combination
     Aceording to different clinical requirements to use combined multi-channel or single syringe pump
     and maximize util1zation of       equipment.

•    Multiple unit
     10 kinds of drug unit conversion and suitable for various departments. 

•    Operation record
      Easy to check historical operation records and can not be deleted

•    Wireless networking
     Adopting the professional custom wireless network,it' s simple & makes network group
     automatically. The nurses station real-      time supervise the infusion status and reduce the
     workload by detection in time to ensure the safety of infusion ​​​​​​​