Mini Colposcope for Gynecology Self - Inspection FA2

Mini Colposcope for Gynecology Self - Inspection FA2

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Mini colposcope
Quick Details
AV/USB output,connect to TV/Computer
Store function
Echo-friendly&easy use
High definition display 
Standard Configurations
1 pc main unit
2 pcs disposable heads (one small size + one middle size)
1 pc cable connected to Television
1 pc USB cable
1 pc user's manual

1 pc TF Card
1 unit 10 inch or 7 inch Medical Screen 
1 pc Black bag

Main unit 
Power Supply DC 4.5V, AAA batteries (×3)
Output Signal PAL color system, AV(video)signal
Normal Working Conditions temperature:15°C-30°C
Conditions of Storage and Transport temperature:-20°C~+45 °C 
Weight about 50g (batteries non-included) 
Dimensions (L×W×H mm) 126×40×34
Safety Class internal battery source, BF type
Technical Index effective range of observation 70mm~100mm 
angle of observation 20°, permit error -10%,no upper limit
resolution 2.5 lp/mm, permit error -10%,no upper limit
Memory ≥16M

Disposable head
S M Notes
Outline Dimension
Length (movable bill) 98±2 109±2 Size S is for female before childbirth or age above 50s
Size M is for female after childbirth and age below 50s.
Width (of the bill) 20±1 27±1
Height of Front Outside Mouth Minimum 31±5 40±5
Maximum 60±5 67±5