Mobile X-ray Equipment PLX101C

Mobile X-ray Equipment PLX101C

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1. Generator output: 5.0 kW

2. kV range: 40 kV - 120 kV in 1kv steps

3. mA range: 25~100 mA

4. Exposure time: 4 films per min, less than 20 ms per film

5. X-ray tube:

Stationary anode tube with a focal spot of 1.5*1.5 mm

6. Collimator:

bright field light beam collimator with 120 W halogen lamp and auto

shut-off facility.

7.Power requirements :Single phase 220 V +/- 10% Voltage tolerance;

50 Hz power supply

8.Mobile stand: Light-weight, low height mobile and easily

maneuverable stand.

9.The mobile radiographic unit also include a handheld control and a

microwave wireless remote control for the 20-meter microwave

remote Without the restriction of Barriers and directional ,different

from the infrared remote control . Grids reduce the fog line filters and

raise the degree of scattering contrast.

10.The unit is provided with a line (power) cord of acceptable

durability, quality, length and is secured with adequate