Modular Multi Parameters Patient Monitor COMEN C100

Modular Multi Parameters Patient Monitor COMEN C100

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Specialized Cardiology Monitor                    
Modular Monitor+ VCG Apparatus+Telemetry  Monitor    
12inch LCD touch screen
Functional modular slot × 2  
215 mm width printer      
Standard :12Lead ECG,  Comen SpO2 ,NIBP,HR,PR,TEMP, ECG Diagnose 216mm printer                                 Optional : 4-IBP , CO2 , AG ,ICG,C.O. ,C100A , Masimo, Nellcor.

In CCU, both monitor and ECG are essential, the medical staff is searching for this 2in1 solution through
the ages. Comen has same idea. How to make a monitor accompany with electrocardiograph machine? 
More than 200 R&D engineers and took 720 day and night, Comen done it.

C100 Specialized Cardiovascular Monitor

It is a modular monitor.

2+1 modular slots, 2 functional modular slots, 1 printing modular slot

EtCO2/IBP/C.O./AG/BIS/ICG module extendable


It is an ECG machine.

Powerful ECG diagnostic function

YY0782-2010 (standard specific requirements for ECG machine) certified;
Pass YY0782-2010 ECG Machine Specialized Standards;
Advanced performance: input impedance≥50MΩ, polarization
resistance voltage:≥±650mV;
Common mode rejection ratio:≥105dB, time constant:≥5S;
122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis; 12-lead ECG automatic
measurement and interpretation;
72 hours' full disclosure 12-lead ECG waveform review and
ECG interpretation system;
Shortcut key for ECG, one key switch between the monitoring 
mode and the ECG mode;
216mm modular printer; synchronous printing of 12-lead ECG.

It is also a telemetry monitor.

C100 and C100A can form a telemetry monitor
Telemetry monitoring of 12-lead ECG and SpO2 via WIFI 
Creative patient-fall-down alarm function
Data connection through WIFI, infinite extension of effective range