Multi Parameters Patient Monitor Comen C70

Multi Parameters Patient Monitor Comen C70

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Modular Monitor    
12.1"  Color Touch Screen, IPXI Waterproof                                        
-Standard:  5-lead ECG, Comen SpO2,  NIBP, TEMP, RESP, PR, Lithium Battery, Multi-interface,3 slots,                   
-Optional modular:  8IBP,  EtCO2, ICG ,C.O., Bis, 12Lead ECG, Multi-gas,RM, Printer

C30  Standard Configruation : Host machine + C30

Classic as well as innovative

C70 carries on C90's exceptional quality and incorporates 
high-integrated modular design, effectively streamlining
structure, functions and maintenance. Any one or more 
modules can be combined to meet the changing
demands in clinical applications.

For ICU and OR

C70 is essential to ICU and OR. It is patient's guardian 
from start to finish, applicable to any demanding 
monitoring requirement.