Patient Monitor COMEN C60

Patient Monitor COMEN C60

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Why do we choose specialized neonatal monitor?

Because of its function
Because of its accuracy
Because of the safety it provides
Because of its easy operation
Because of its focus on neonates

Neonates are a very special group whose BP, ECG and SpO2 are of great differences from the adult's. Measurement of ECG, HR and RESP is usually inaccurate when using traditional monitors. Also inexperienced nurses always accidentally adopt adult mode to measure neonate's blood pressure, which will easily bruise neonate's arm. Based on neonate's needs, Comen creates the world's first specialized neonatal monitor,which is safer, more accurate, more stable and more convenient.


1.   8.4 inch touch screen, lightweight (3.5kg)
2.   Various interface:Standard display, Large-font display, 5-Lead ECG waveforms display, 2 hours trends graph display, OxyCRG display, Bed-view display
3.   120 hours trends graph recall , 120 hours trends table recall, 400 groups of NIBP list, 60 alarm events, 240 seconds of full-disclosure waveforms review
4.   Arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis, drug dose calculation, pacemaker detection
5.   Built-in Pluggable Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 4 hours working time.
6.   Directly communications with Comen (wire/wireless) central monitoring system
7.   ExNeoTM ECG technology for neonate
8.   Adap-DSPTM system to ensure more accurate neonate NIBP measurement
9.   OxiMax® SpO2 system, SatSecondsTM intelligent alarm management technology

Standard Configuration
ECG/HR,Masimo SpO2, PR,NIBP,RESP,TEMP, Bedrail Hook

Optional Configuration
COMEN SpO2,Nellcor SpO2,Thermal Recorder, Main stream/Side stream EtCO2,
Single/Double IBP, Optional Accessories for Neonate, Pediatric and Adult