Vital Sign Vet/Veterinary Patient Monitor Bt-V3

Vital Sign Vet/Veterinary Patient Monitor Bt-V3

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This veterinary vital signs monitor is intended to be used in vet clinics and hospitals or clinic where monitoring systems are needed.


• 7''high-precision color LCD display
• Large measurement ranges of SpO2, pulse rate and NIBP technical specialized in veterinary

• Unique designed LOGO for veterinary use on
• Multiple display modes:large font,OxyCRG,and trend graph etc

• Variety of accessories for different size veterinaries
• 3-level visual/audio alarms and alarm events can be stored and reviewed
• Update system software freely and remotely
• Widely used in pet hospitals and animal clinics etc

 ♦ Easy operation of the soft and colorful buttons with icons             
 ♦ Ergonomically designed handleto fit your hand comfortably                  
 ♦ No fandesign to keep the wholesystem working quietly

Standard Configuration:
ECG /RESP /SpO2 /NIBP /TEMP /Lithium Battery
Optional Configuration
ETCO2 /IBP /Built-in Recorder /Trolley /Brace /IPMS8000 Intelligent Patient Management System